SCRT is a 2002 founded company entirely dedicated to information security.

SCRT is a flexible company which offers many different services that can either be punctual, such as audits, or more customized, such as the reorganization or the follow up of information network. We are passionate about our work, we believe in what we do and enjoy doing it.

SCRT works for all kind of companies: ranging from some of European largest corporate firms to small businesses.

Since june 2009, SCRT has been certified compliant with ISO 27001:2005. As this certification demonstrates, SCRT is capable of providing a confidentiality level matching the best industry standards as well as your highest requirements.

Choosing SCRT means chossing the ideal partner in terms of confidentiality and rigor for all information security related missions.

Sec Team Blog

10.07.2017Article Blog

Numerous Swiss domain names temporarily hijacked by Alain Mowat
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30.06.2017Article Blog

A pentester’s take on (Not)Petya by Alain Mowat
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06.06.2017Article Blog

Insomni’Hack 2017 – FPS Write-Ups by Alexandre Gallucci
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26.04.2017Article Blog

Heap Overflow Vulnerability in Citrix NetScaler Gateway (CVE-2017-7219) by Alain Mowat
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The annual SCRT contest of Ethical Hacking since 2008.

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